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Good Energy Solar is a local Santa Barbara renewable energy company specializing in system design and installation for residential solar and commercial solar clients. The experienced team at Good Energy provides expert consultation on turn-key solar installations, including ancillary services such as energy storage and electric vehicle charging.

Good Energy Solar partners with the best quality providers on the market, proudly offering SunPower solar panels that consistently deliver more energy in less space with a 40 year useful life. Good Energy Solar is a certified installer for sonnenBatterie, offering both grid-tied battery backup or off-grid battery solutions. In addition, Good Energy Solar has also partnered with Aerovironment EV Solutions to offer the latest in high quality Electric Vehicle Charging. Combining solar energy generation, with home storage capacity, and a charging station for your EV helps you take control of your expenses, effectively saving you hundreds of dollars and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Featured Solar Installations

Toro Canyon House

Montecito, CA

Image: A contemporary home, Montecito solar array installed by Good Energy Solar, the premier local Santa Barbara solar installer

Tribal Fire Station

San Diego, CA

Gillespie House

Santa Barbara, CA

Featured Property Santa Barbara solar installation. Copyright 2017 Good Energy Solar, all rights reserved.

Why Go Solar?

Energy independence
Clean solar energy provides an unlimited, reliable source of energy.

Manage energy costs
Secure predictable electricity costs for up to 40 years with solar.

Preserve spaceship earth
Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.

Why GoodEnergy?

Our Community is Your Community
Good energy is a local Santa Barbara solar installer.

Installation Excellence
Our competent and experienced install team does it right the first time to safeguard your investment.

Honesty and Integrity
At the core of our values is our commitment to always do right by our customers.

Our Vision, Our Mission

We live in a world of smart technology that makes our lives more efficient and gives us more freedom. At Good Energy Solar, we believe that powering your home or business should be the same. We use the most innovative products available so that each energy system works seamlessly together to bring our customers the freedom of energy independence. We design, engineer, and build each solar system to make the most of abundant solar energy and the vast savings it brings.

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